How to beat Vayne
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Try not to stay near walls, as Vayne's Condemn will stun you if it knocks you back against a wall. Report
If you're adc against Vayne. Try to go for early pokes as she gets stronger at level 6. Play aggresive before 6. Report
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Having a pink ward or Oracle's Elixir when fighting a Vayne will deny her from going into stealth with her ultimate. Report
If Vayne is in lane with a support with high CC (Blitz,Ali,Thresh etc.) ask your support to ward the bushes because if they CC you Vayne will "E" you into the wall and that is "kill sequre"... Be carefull against Vayne even if you counter her!!! Report
Casting your ultimate onto Vayne before she stealths will reveal her, thus allowing your team to collapse onto her if she is trying to make an escape. Be sure you know where Vayne is in the mid and late game and keep bushes trapped or warded. Report
Use your E to disrupt her so she can't tumble all around you, and use the slow to land a perfect Whirling Death, hitting both times. Your damage is simply higher, but she can outplay you. So try your best to not let that happen. Report
Keep your traps up, they are great anti mobility and even more satisfying if she ult+q's into one. Report
I personally think Twitch is one of the best counter for Vayne, you can easy outtrade Vayne in like every stage of the Game with your E. As long as Twitch doesnt get cc'd he pretty much can't lose this lane. Report
Using your ultimate right after she uses Tumble will be more likely to hit her as she cant dodge it with her Q. Report
This is actually a lot harder than most people think. The first real advantage you have over Vayne is your range, but you're still more of a glass cannon than she is late game. So the best thing to remember is, out farm. Out farm, out farm. Always. Report
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