How to beat Udyr
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Udyr is extremely vulnerable to CC and is very dependent on his movement speed. In team fights Udyr isn't the best team fighter, because of the little CC and AOE dmg he brings for his team. He's extremely strong early and mid, being able to gank easily. Report
Udyr's movement speed buff does not give him any favours against Jarvan's ult. Report
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Focus on forcing teamfights. Your teamfighting is better than his. Report
Never try to 1v1 him, his bear stance shuts down your engage tools. When you go in he can stun you mid dash and burst you. Make sure you have your team there to help you. Report
Whenever Udyr goes for farm, you can proc your W with AA -> Q -> AA he eventually has to lifesteal from minions in turtle form which sets him behind. If he's low enough you can all in him with Mega Gnar. Report
Don't let him close the gap. If hes far away enough and you see his Bear Stance quickly set down a Shroom. So he gets slowed. Then make a new gap and begin Auto attacking. Since youre shroom is on CD/Out of mana. Blind him when he re-closes the Gap. GL H Report
Udyr is based on his e with ganking the speed he gets is for 3 second try to counter gank him or kill him when the midlaner is out of possition. Be carefull his abbilities have 2 sec cooldown for you can use another abbilitie try to fight him then Report
As long as you have Wither up, Udyr is unable to harm you due to his reliance on both movement and attack speed. Report
A good kayle is good at kiting, and her AAs or spells reduce your MR and Armor, so only go in if you know she doesn't have mana or her Q/W. Report
Try to dodge every attack that is in range so you won't get a lot more damage than you can actually get... Also, run Ghost and Smite if your jungle, it helps you a lot dodging those abilities Report


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