How to beat Twitch
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Twitch is ranged and Garen is melee - your life sucks. BUT, your Q and E do stupid amounts of damage. Run into a bush, so that you're next to Twitch and Q him and E. If he goes invs, W and run away. Buy Black Cleaver (spd boost) and red boots to catch up Report
Your E keeps him longer visible when he uses Q so it will help a bit Report
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Keep your E and use it just right before he goes stealth to ensure you have as much time of vision as possible. Report
Abuse Double Up in lane and don't get caught by his stealth. Twitch's Attack Speed steroid applies only when Ambush ends. Both champs want to line up good AoE ults in teamfights, but only Bullet Time ends if the user is stunned or moves. Report
If you have a lot of stacks on you, then you should back up before he uses Contaminate on you. Report
Boxes don't trigger on stealthed targets, allowing you to sneak up on Shaco in positions he thought were defended. Report
When you see him approaching or posing a threat, use your W to slow him down. Report


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