How to beat Twitch
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Tumbling the Casket will allow you to avoid 2 stacks of poison. If you stealth tumble, it will also allow you to hit Twitch first so plan accordingly if you don't see him on the map. Twitch likes to stealth into lane to get free harass off. Report
Ask your support to buy a couple sentry wards or get or the sweeping lens trinket for when he goes stealth mode. Report
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All of your abilities can still deal damage him while he is in stealth, if you land them of course. Report
You are a cat. He is a mouse. Report
You can completely negate his ult with your blind. Even easier with Valor as you can jump to him through minions. Shut down early with burst (passive+e+aa+q) Report
Twitch can't harass effectively or disengage once you jump on him. He's a lot more dangerous in teamfights so shut him down early. Report
Twitch's venom can cause True Grit to extend at full stacks from one skirmish to the next, and at Level 6 Graves can kill Twitch before he enters stealth. Report
Use your ult to push twitch out of range when he ults, making him useless in team fights. Report
Twitch's best early lane tactic is his all in damage. Punish him with E if he tries to engage you and make you his target, giving your carry proper time to deal damage, and heal all damage to your carry making him useless in lane. Report
Also, build a thornmail. It will make his life MUCH MUCH harder. After that build dmg items so you can drop him to ~35% hp and ult him. Don't get life steal, your passive 70 hp regen at level 16 is good enough. Build crit to maximize E dmg. Your E crits. Report


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