How to beat Twisted Fate
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When you finish your Gromp go to his red, you will find him there and you get ez FB. Report
When TF Ults follow the target up with your ult then taunt him. Usually enough to turn the tide of the fight in your favor. Build MR such as banshees or merc treads for his stun. Report
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When you think you are ready just kill him. Even if he use ultimate to run away don't worry because it have very long cooldown (3 minutes). But beware, don't use your ultimate when he casts ult, he will probably negate damage from it. Report
Fiora can easily defeat TF on lane just dodge his Wild Cards, and fall back for a while if he want use his Pick-a-Card. Punish him if he want to harass you with autoattacks with your Riposte (best way is to max it, he will receive more damage). Report
She can juke the stun of tf, and so his 3 cards. Sivir's basic attack are stronger than tf. ~ Report
Passive attack, W, Q and Ultimate. Report
Both of you waveclear very fast, but TF has to get within autoattack range to land a gold card. Keep in mind that he can hit all your turrets with Wild Cards under any orientation. Report
Twisted Fate does poke damage in small bursts in lane. Use your mobility to your advantage and get in his face. If you can rattle a Twisted Fate mentally, then it's a sure win. Report
Get Mercury's Treads. The is no other champion mid that Mercs are more important against than TF, as the game goes on even if behind his stun is a nightmare for you. Report


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