How to beat Twisted Fate
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Altough Wild Cards and Gold Card can be very opressive in lane phase, you can punish him when he goes to recover mana with Blue Card, since Pick a Card is limited to his basic attack range. Report
He likes to roam, but his skillshots are easier to dodge, and you have massive waveclear. Shove in and counter roam, or take the turret if he leaves too much, while picking up kills. Report
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Your Paranoia (R) blocks the sight granted by his Destiny (R) and your Spell Shield is useful for blocking his W since i'ts pretty predictable Report
if he leaves his lane in order to gank (and you called the mia and everthing), focus on taking his turrets, otherwise, if he gets a kill or two, it will not be for free... Report
Twisted Fate's Pick a Card is very telegraphic. After seeing him lock-in a card, raise your Spell Shield to negate any card he throws. Report
Much like Ashe, Twisted Fate has no displace and a low movement speed. Despite his potent stun and slow, Kha'Zix need only stay so close to TF for so long before he either dies or must teleport away. Report
Both of you waveclear extremely fast; you need to kill him to win this matchup. If his jungler isn't nearby, drop Satchel behind him and knock him into your mines. Report
Much of TF's mechanic involves Basic Attacking, like his Pick-A-Card and his passive on E, which means he needs to put himself in range of his opponent. If you see him pull any card other than the Gold card, take the opportunity to W onto him. Report
If you can manage to bait out his yellow card without getting hit you can have a significant advantage around lv 3. Once he has used his only means of escape: E, Taunt, and slash. Report
Always Harrass him when his W (Pick a Card) is on cooldown and try to force him to use his ultimate to save his own life. He has no reliable disengage except his Ultimate or Yellow Card so harrass him when you can. Report


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