How to beat Twisted Fate
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Bait out his golden card, then jump on him with your combo. He has no good escape and a kill is pretty easy to get. Report
With Moonfall you can cancel the second part of Twisted Fate's ultimate and make sure he can't leave. Report
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Twisted Fate literally cannot fight you in any way. Save your E for his Pick a Card and when he toses it, just jump on him to slow him then tear him apart. Report
If Twisted Fate teleports in your sight, stay outside of autoattack range from it. If you are within autoattack range, unless you time your Charm absolutely perfectly TF will still manage to get his gold card(assuming he has it) off. Report
You need to kill him early before he can waveclear out of your range. Don't jump on him if he has a gold card. Report
When you are ahead or higher health, don't be afraid to ult on to TF to engage, he has no mobility and is soft so you can win an extended duel against him rather than trying to hastily 100-0 him in fear of counter attack. Report
Your windwall blocks all of his attacks, including his stun. He is at a very weak spot right when he uses his W on a minion. Harass him a lot and don't let him farm. Report
Because of his passive, even if you have same CS as enemy TF he is still ahead of you in gold. Try to zone if possible, Report
Nocturne's Paranoia removes the vision granted by Destiny. Report
Dodge TF's Wild Cards and keep poking him with Q and W. Besides his Q, your range is bigger than TF's. When he comes at you with a Gold Card, throw your stun and let him have it. Report


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