How to beat Twisted Fate
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You should be nonstop combo-poking TF. Whenever cooldowns are up you should be using W,E,Q over and over until you can either kill him or force him to go back Report
Since he has no mobility hes very east to engage on but he has a fair amount of stuff to threaten you. You should ideally wait for him to use his pick-a-card on minions before you engage to avoid his stun. Report
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If you see him teleporting, throw your shark on him as it will follow him to his destination. Report
Stay safe until 6. Once you hit 6, deal your damage but don't get thirsty for a kill or you may get stunned at his tower and lose. Once you have 3 charges or Gunblade, you can cheese him with a minion jump-Flash-Dash combo after he burns Pick a Card. Report
The majority of Twisted Fate's players come to you when their red/yellow card is loaded. Use your E to stun them when coming, and then performing the base combo. Twisted has no way to hit you with a card when you have E, only if he flashes. Report
Destiny has an immensely long cool down. Breaking the channel when he uses Gate with a stun or knockup will dramatically reduce his lane presence. Report
When you have got an active Banshee's Veil shield, his ultimate will not reval you. Report
Haress him with your Q, he will probably pick a card if you get close enough. If he does it, wait for him to waste on a minion and do your combo. Repeat as necessary. Report
You need to play devensiv till you reach lvl 3. Then bait his stuncard and dodge it with your e while you´re jumping onto him. You must do that 2 or 3 times, then he is dead. U can also go for an early first blood on lvl 2 with QW and ignite Report
Make sure you just start pushing from level 1 and onwards, with trinket on one side, and leaning towards the other so you can escape from ganks. Tf will have a hard time farming at tower. From level 6 onward, this lane is simple and easy. Report


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