How to beat Twisted Fate
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Twisted Fate is vulnerable when his Pick-a-card is on cooldown. Report
Twisted Fate's Wild Cards are rather slow moving projectiles, so try your best to dodge them. Report
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Always keep an eye out on Twisted Fate and ward areas where he will move in order to gank other lanes. Report
Twisted Fate can easily gank other lanes with his ultimate. Try to call MIA the second you don't see him. Report
Post-6 Twisted Fate is quite a vulnerable target, if you have poked down some of his health don't be afraid to engage on him when he puts his W on cooldown, he will usually blue card a minion for mana, this is your window of opportunity. Report
If TF teleports to gank a sidelane and you choose to stay in your lane make sure you push the lane as hard as you can with W to take his tower down. Report
If Twisted Fate readies a Gold Card, Vel'Koz can easily E-W him before he gets in range to throw the card and it will time out before he gets a chance. Report
TF has a lot more to lose being unable to get into autoattack range than Vel'Koz so Vel'Koz should aim to stay out of autoattack range at all times and stick to trading with long range abilities only. Report
Just try to Wind Wall his Golden Card and go all in with your ultimate on him. You'll waste his flash or even kill him. Report
Bait/Wait until Twisted Fate uses his Pick-a-Card then go all in on him. He will be defence less. Report


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