How to beat Twisted Fate with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Twisted Fate
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Post-6 Twisted Fate is quite a vulnerable target, if you have poked down some of his health don't be afraid to engage on him when he puts his W on cooldown, he will usually blue card a minion for mana, this is your window of opportunity. Report
If Twisted Fate teleports in your sight, stay outside of autoattack range from it. If you are within autoattack range, unless you time your Charm absolutely perfectly TF will still manage to get his gold card(assuming he has it) off. Report
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When you are ahead or higher health, don't be afraid to ult on to TF to engage, he has no mobility and is soft so you can win an extended duel against him rather than trying to hastily 100-0 him in fear of counter attack. Report
Twisted Fate does poke damage in small bursts in lane. Use your mobility to your advantage and get in his face. If you can rattle a Twisted Fate mentally, then it's a sure win. Report
Get Mercury's Treads. The is no other champion mid that Mercs are more important against than TF, as the game goes on even if behind his stun is a nightmare for you. Report


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