How to beat Tryndamere with Sion Click here for How to beat Sion with Tryndamere
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To add more, if you're doing well from my previous, start Titanic Hydra to poke him back when he's in AA range, and thornmail+randuins if you still find yourself having trouble. Either tactic ensures a victory. Report
Start Flask, 2HP, 1MP & E. Harass with E everytime. Get W next and charge before using E, if you land E pop W while he's slow, he will dash away/toward, that's when you can use your Q freely and repeat the process, taking no dmg so he cant ult to wi Report
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when you go for your e+q combo trynd will try to dash away, right when you here the yell sound from the dash cancel your channel right then, and even if you dont manage for the the stun you will still get some damage off. Report


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