How to beat Tryndamere with Jax Click here for How to beat Jax with Tryndamere
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Save your E for when Tryndamere engages you, he won't be able to kill you this way if you back of after the trade! Report
Dont think you'll automatically win lane because you counter tryn. Dont jump on/fight tryn until your 6. Until your 6, dont use your counter strike unless tryn dashes on you. Once your six you can start to poke and play more aggro. DONT FIGHT UNTIL 6 Report
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Pre 6 Harass him with a W,Q combo and 1 AA then simply walk off. If he tries to trade back, use your E and either walk away or harass a bit more. Post 6, abuse your ult passive and W,Q,AA him when the empowered attack from your ult passive is up. Report
i fight early start e make him aware of it then once he starts spining away as soon as u jump on him u can stop using it on engages and just qw until he decides to actually fight. Report
Engage with q and w. Then get back to safety. Unless Tryndamere attempts to AA, do not use your counter strike(e). Note: It is essential that you should be near your minions when returning to safety. Your minions will deal great damage to Tr if he engages Report


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