How to beat Trundle
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Keep track of minions and your W passive. You need to harass constantly, but he will outsustain you if you take too much aggro for one AA. It goes without saying that you do NOT let him touch you, ever. Report
Use your E to poke. Save W for escape. When his bite is on cd go Q + E and W out. Report
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Usually this shouldn't happen but if he doesn't harass you with Q a lot you can use your E W Q combo to harass him whenever you find an opportunity. Retreat when he uses his Q and W. Keep in mind his W and E have longer cooldowns than your spells. Report
You can poke Trundle with ease. Both of you have strong sustain abilities but Vlad's more effective. When fighting Trundle stay out of his W or wait until it's on cd. After that engage. Report
If you go both go BorK first he still steals your resistances and part of your attack damage so you'll probably lose trades anyway. I prefer Randuin's first vs Trundle since it's safe and Shyv is mostly the tank for the team anyway.Get BorK later inste Report
aplly E, W, AA, E, AA, Q and win Report
Do not 1v1 him. Ever. Pick a ranged poke champ and do not let him get close. Report
Trundle's ultimate hard counters Cho. To deal with this, build an early Wit's End and a Frozen Heart, and max E. This cuts out a bit of his damage, and allows you to keep up with him in a war of attrition. Report
This is all about TIMING. You are likely going to lose in CS, but you can win the lane. Trundles tend to get low on mana, especially if you bait them with a well timed slice and dice and watch their mana bar ALL IN when low. E, AA, W, AA, Q, E, R, WIN. Report


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