How to beat Tristana
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Avoid standing near low health creeps to not take additional damage from Tristana's Explosive shots. Report
Tristana's jump can be interrupted by knock-ups and displacements (e.g. Blitz's Powerfist or Rocket Grab) Report
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Push the lane to her tower. Tristana has trouble with farming under the turret, because of Explosive Shot's passive effect. Report
Try to bait her to use her Rapid fire and then back off. It has a long cooldown so wasting it will give you an advantage. Report
After she places her Explosive Shot onto you, stop trading because each successive auto will cause you to take more damage. Report
If she got one gap closer support like leona, be even more careful, as both will jump on you and make you fart all your hp in one second! Report
the supporter should try to catch the bomb on him then he should run away to get just low damage. after that u can kill tristana easily because she just has her ult as an ability. she is very vulnerable in that cd phase Report
tristana (especially late game) has low sustained damage that adds up to be alot - try bursting her down in order to push her our of lane or fights quickly,burn her jump or even kill her Report


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