How to beat Thresh
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Just simply put the Dark Hole (E) on top of Thresh's lantern will stop the enemy from taking it , or even worse... snared. Try to use that as an advantage. Report
Your Q > His Q for engaging because it has no wind up time AND it stuns. If he uses his Q use yours, pop W and stun him again with your passive. If you have your ult, use it on him or anyone behind him for the knock ups, and watch your teammates clean Report
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Hook is linear cross the line when you hear the hook sound Report
All you need to do is Spell shield Thresh's Q and R. You are set to go! Free mana for sivir. Report
Just don't get grabbed and attack adc instead of him. He will attack you insted of your protected if you position well and you will leave him no choice to waste his q on creeps Report
The best way to juke his hook is to just stand still. If you time it right, you will avoid hooks that predict your flash, hooks that predict you walk back, and hooks that predict you just walk forward. Then flash/use ability to dodge his flay Report
Play defense & stand between Thresh and Carry. Bait a bad hook, you are tanky, and now their main CC is gone, so use the goo & engage for a Fling on any of them. A defense-counterattack kill lane if done properly. Report
watch out for threshes early engage potential lvl one with e never forget that thresh doesent have to land a hook to make a pick so keep out of distance from e which always has more range than u expect do to the incorrect hitbox Report
Save your E for his Q Report
Karma has her Burst at level 1 and has great sustain in lane . Please don't read this and tell everyone else . They might nerf it karma to make thresh op again. Report


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