How to beat Thresh
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You can try to hook thresh at early levels since he doesn't have any souls or armor at early game .But dont be greedy enemy ADC will come for you Report
You have (E) Ability. Use it, to avoid being slowed by Thresh's ultimate, simply by dashing through it. Report
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Lol passive Report
Your Q > His Q because your Q has no windup time. If you see him using it go for the Q, then immediately silence him with your ultimate so he can't Flay you or use his lantern. Then knock him up with your E and let your teammates wreak havoc. Report
first of all, the hook, if he hooks the adc , and follows up, alistar can Q him and W him under the tower, THATS 1 , if thresh hooks and goes in he can easily headbutt him out. and in any regard he can fruck up hook,lantern plays etc, Report
Just keep aa'ing him and you will dodge all his skillshots with your passive. Report
Your bear can walk through his ult for you = no cc and no dmg. If he uses lantern to pull adc don't stun adc, stun thresh. Report
Juggle two axes at a time and when one goes into thresh-hooking range, make it seem like you're going to catch it like you've been doing, and bait him into throwing his hook. Now that it's on cooldown, harass the other adc. Report
When he wanna hook you just use ur spellshield get some free mana! The same thing with his ult. The box appears, klick E and you dont get anything Report
Thresh is a hard CC Champion with no heal ability. Try to poke him with ranged spells is the best way to secure a lane. Remember to buy pinkwards to save lanes from ganks! Hold position at the middle of the lane/enemy tower. Report


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