How to beat Thresh
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Thresh will make your life a hell, just spam e if he's trying to hook the movement speed may save you, if he's trying to poke with empoyed autos, w for shield and heal followed by your q for poke. Be smart about mana useage. Getting hit by hook is death Report
When his Q hit your ally W him before he can get close to your ally... Report
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really hard to just simply lane pre lvl 6. start relic shield, dont let her auto pre lvl 3, let them push to under ur turret where u can help ur adc cs with ur relic passive. when u see opening, flash q w combo, but be wary of turret aggros on minions. Report
As soon as you see him do his pull animation throw a bubble on him and it'll stop him from pulling himself to the target Report
Early game, Thresh can easily starve himself of mana. Try to bait his Q and poke down his ADC. Since his W applies a shield, he may use it often when you poke him. This will eventually deplete his mana pool, allowing for an easy initiate and maybe a kill Report
Just stand on Thresh's lantern if they try to get their adc out and everything that he countered you with is basically gone, and not to mention your silence beats his caster role instantly. Report
If you can time it, you can block Thresh's hook with a plant; a quick W+E or W+Q in the hook's path can block it, but Thresh will still be able to pull himself towards the plant. Report
Stay behind your minions, while he casts his Q. It will take him few seconds to release it and big cooldown at earlier levels. That is you chance to attack. Report
If he lands his Q on you or your adc, let him Q over then stun him with your passive and E to slow him. Now you can counter-attack by double stunning their adc with your Q and passive or by using Q on Thresh. Your adc should follow up for lots of damage. Report
A good Thresh will predict your E (Dash), so try to predict what the enemy Thresh is predicting you will do and counter against it. Report


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