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He counters you in lane, but he has trouble tanking minion waves. Take advantage of this via a level 1 proxy, and execute with the tower should he try to stop your shenanigans as to avoid him snowballing. Report
This is an annoying lane, but play safe and hug your turret. Call for ganks before level 6, and make use of your Mega Adhesive to counter Teemo's Move Quick. Also, fling Teemo into tower range. This lane can be won if you play safely. Report
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Righteous glory is a very strong item vs. teemo as the move speed buff allows you to quickly get in range and fling him especially in combination with ghost or your ult. It also gives allot hp regen to take the sting off of his harass. Report
Even if you make a mistake and die to him a few times that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re keeping up or out csing him since you are soo much more useful to your team and scale much harder. Report
‘Move quick’ can be quite a scary ability as when you charge at him he can pop it to keep out of range or chase after you, But it has a long cooldown so once he wastes it you can go for an easy fling into a kill or flash. Report
Once he hits 6 things become allot more annoying as he can just drop a shroom at his feet when you go to fling him which will deal allot of damage and slow you by a ridiculous amount allowing him to kite you like hell. Report
Teemo will probably try and tank the minions and will be spamming his ability’s to get cs, he will also be taking poison damage meaning hell get very low on hp and mana allowing you just dive him with ghost/ult for the kill. Report
He can harass you allot with blinding dart but this shouldn’t be a problem as you can easily face tank it with a bit of mr and besides that just wastes his mana and the cd of blinding dart, meaning hell just miss even more cs under tower. Report
You can zone him away with fling as if he gets caught by you he will take a ridiculous amount of damage from the minions and poison. Report
Teemo has very poor wave clear, especially pre 6, so just hard push the wave into his tower with poison making him miss cs. Report


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