How to beat Teemo with Rumble Click here for How to beat Rumble with Teemo
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Rumble is a little weak at levels 1-3. But by level 4-5 you can start to be a real pain for Teemo. Either Start Q level 1 to shove the wave immediately, or just go with E and W at early levels to survive. By rank 3 Q you can trade. Teemos range is short. Report
His blind (despite the screams of Teemo's across the world) does not block your Q or E. Don't let the blind fool you if chasing, but don't chase too far. Report
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Play passive until Level 5 or so. If you don't feel comfortable 1v1ing, have your jungler gank and either force his Flash or kill him. After that, poke him hard unless he is outdamaging you but a lot Report
Most Teemo's start Q or E, never W. Counter this by starting W to shield yourself from the poison for the first few levels Report


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