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Start a Ruby Crystal and MANA pots; build Spectre's Cowl first back. Then, build Sheen. Throughout, poke down Teemo with E to zone him so you can get some Q farm. If you get 60+ stacks and he's below half, ult and all-in him. R, W, E, Q. Report
Rush a Specter's Cowl. The faster you get one the faster Teemo will become obsolete. Report
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1 Teemo is a very annoying Enemy, buy pots and tell your jungler to do some pre 6 ganks. Play very passive and dont fight him 1 vs 1, he will kill you. If you have around 200 - 300 stacks and some CDR you can kill him, Report
- Start with flask and 4 hp pots - In start be out of teemo. if he start with E (poison), you will stack canoon minions. lasthit with E. iif you have 100+ stacks, you will can kill him. wait for his poke Q and go him, but you must have spirit visage. Report
Start with red pots and crystal flask and at least 1 blue pot. farm q as much as possible while freezing lane. Drop your E on him. try to watch for blinds you can cancel autos. Report
Nasus has low sustain vs Teemo, Teemo has absolutely no sustain vs Nasus, Nasus's E has the one of the highest base damages (even if we count the initial damage only), you do the math. Stack doran's rings but dont build ap or magic pen late game. Report
It's hard to fight Teemo in lane, but never fear! Max your E first for major harass against him and make each E count, because when he's low is when you engage. Crystalline Flask will be your best friend here, so don't be afraid to use it. E+Flash+Q Report
Teemo will try to deny you farm by blinding you. He will also try and weaken you with his poison. If you start with a Doran's shield and quints on lifesteal, you'll have enough sustain to beat him early game. (Provided you stay under the turret) Report
If you make nasus ap, and you max E the ring will make masive damage and it will make you win all the trades vs teemo. after max q and w swapping each time u lvl up. Thanks :) Report


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