How to beat Talon
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Always try to dodge his W, if he hits both then he will probably go all in. His engages is dependent of his passive, he has to hit 3 damaging abilities. Usually those are W, W (return), and then a Q. His E gets a CD of 180 secs on the wall he jumped. Report
Stay out of his w range. The more stacks he has the more his passive will hurt you. Blind or silence his as often as you can. Report
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Rylais Scepter is a great item to keep talon at bay. Or any other assassin or ad bruiser as well. Report
If you're fast enough you can stun Talon with you ult when he goes in on you. So make sure to save the ult. Also, his engage is his E (cutthroat) so he will appear behind you, keep that in mind when you direct your ult and attempt to break his combo. Report
Barrier can help vs an early game talon. It also synergizes really well with Seraph's Embrace active shield. Report
Talon's kit are combinations of oneshots. if he gets behind he's useless and will most likely roam for farm and ganks just to get back in the game. Report
Talon's E (cutthroat) blinks to a target and has a long cooldown. He's especially weak when that abilitity is on cooldown. Report
Pre level 3: Cassiopeia outtrades talon due to her long range and passive. Report
Remember that Shadow Assault can be used as an escape tool so, Lee Sin's Tempest or Sonic Wave, Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt or Twisted Fate's Destiny can reveal Talon even when he is stealthed. Report
If you end up in his range to get combod by him, especially pre-6, just use your chain on him then do your full combo. Your combo does more than his pre and post 6 if neither is fed. Report
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