How to beat Talon
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A good talon player knows he can't kill you in lane unless he gets ganks or you make a mistake. He will try to shove the lane and then roam even pre 6. Do your best to follow him if one of your lanes is pushing or else you risk losing your advantage. Report
When Talon goes ult just put your W and place yourself near the wall and move to avoid his shurikens Report
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This lane is a lot easier due to the silence removal from Talon's E. Harass him in lane and abuse his melee range and lack of good burst at levels 1-4. If he jumps on you past level 6, W away before he bursts fully and do your QR(E) combo. Report
Don't go all in. Poke with cards and rush zhonya's. Your ult can ensure you see him after he has used his ultimate if you need to gold card and run away/re engage Report
In early game try to poke him with your Q allways play def and ask jungler for some help. Use your W to get closer to him so he cant hit you with his blades. Report
Remember that Shadow Assault can be used as an escape tool so, Lee Sin's Tempest or Sonic Wave, Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt or Twisted Fate's Destiny can reveal Talon even when he is stealthed. Report
During laning phase farm with soldiers at max distnace harrassing any time he goes to last hit. At lvl 6 you can bait him out by walking away from tower. Rember he tele's behind you so just R him into turret Report
In a teamfight , When you see him jump on your carry W to him then E talon so he will be slowed as hell then Ult him away from your carry he will be useless for 7 s on a fight cause of his E cd Report
Talon loses heavily against sustain and high health champions as he is based around bursting his targets down in one go. Abuse your Passive and E (Vorpal Spikes) for free poke and sustain. Report
Be sure to upgrade red trinket to see him during his ult. Report


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