How to beat Talon
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Seeker's armguard is a good object against Talon and part of Fizz build. Buying it in laning phase is a good choice. Report
Pre 6, stay safe/farm , fight when his W is down. Hit 6 first? He is low hp? All in him, win. Talon hits 6 first? Buy a pink ward. Go back to lane, ult him, 9/10 talons will ult right after, drop pink, win. Late game, full build? lvl2 sweeping lense, win. Report
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Wait till he uses his cut throat, then charm him and use your q and w quickly. If he cut throats to you, use your zhonyas or just back away(might need to use ult or flash) and charm. Key points, only your charm can save you. Watch when he use his ult also Report
Talon cannot trade with you. Shove him to tower and punish his weak early farming. Report
When you hit 6 try not to use your ult before his ult because if he is in danger he will run away from you. Report
If you are pushing be careful not to waste your broken wings as talon can use that as an excuse to initiate. Ward the side bushes before he has a chance to push towards them. Report
When he jumps in with his E on someone in a teamfight, make sure you tag him with your E or Q to reveal him in case he ults. Report
Rushing an early Zhonya's will negate a huge chunk of his burst while setting you up to do yours while his ablities are on CD. Report
Fizz ult will stick to Talon even when he ults making him visible all the time. Report
Build a Zhonya's early and also get a tonne of Cooldown Reduction and speed. After the landing phase build ap and be a boss in team fights Report
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