How to beat Talon with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Talon
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Wait till he uses his cut throat, then charm him and use your q and w quickly. If he cut throats to you, use your zhonyas or just back away(might need to use ult or flash) and charm. Key points, only your charm can save you. Watch when he use his ult also Report
Try to use your ult when he does his. If he ults, you can simpely charm in his direction and dash out. Report
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If talon jumps you with Cuttrhoat, wait untill using charms, get a good aim first. Some talons walk to your back when they jumped you so you will miss your charm. If he jumps do your W first. Report
Pre-6 his poke is weaker than yours and you have range advantage, so you can abuse it. Post 6 play safe to deny him any kills since you can't trade with him favourably. Report
If you're versus good Talon, your only chance is pushing him back with the help of your jungler followed by roam to top or botlane for kills. Report
Pick flask and 4 health potions at the start so you can outsustain him early and with enough luck beat him at his own game. Report


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