How to beat Syndra
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Syndra is vulnerable after she uses her Scatter the Weak. Try to play aggressive while it's down. Report
Avoid fighting her when your health is low as she specializes in single target damage with her ultimate. Report
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Avoid clumping against a Syndra as she carries a potential long range AOE stun. Report
A well timed Zhonya's, Yasuo's Windwall or Braum's Unbreakable can stop most of her ultimate's damage. Report
Syndra will destroy you if she gets close but she has very little in the way of getting to you. Stick to poking her at max range with E until she is getting low enough that she will back off, that range her stun even if it lands won't do much against you Report
If possible, wait until syndra uses her stun, and then go in. If not, it really doesn't matter. Simply get in close, and there's not much she can do against you. Time it right, and you can even dodge her ult with your troll pole. Report
Don't use your E too far when Syndra ults, if you use it before any projectiles fire the ult will not go on cooldown. Report
Syndra has a lot of single target burst damage. Since her E and R are counted as projectiles, you can Block them with Wind Wall to prevent being bursted down. Report
Save your E for Syndra's ultimate, it is her primary source of damage during a duel due to how hard it hits but it is very obvious as it has a noticeable cast time to give you the chance to avoid the entire spell. Report
Pretty hard to do. Syndra can poke you with qw and e even when you are under twilighted shroud. Def under turret. At 6 you have a bit more chance to kill Syndra, so than you can go a bit more aggressive. Take abbysal scepter ASAP. Report
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