How to beat Swain
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Swain excels in teamfights and skirmishes that last for an extended period of time. Avoid this! Report
Make sure Swain is ignited or has some form of healing debuff on him when fighting him. This will let him heal significantly less from his ultimate. Report
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Try picking mobile champions who are able to deal with his abilities. Report
Swain has pretty bad wave clearing problems unless he's maxing out W first and even then it's on a hefty CD. Play someone that can clear waves fast and force him to miss CS under tower. Report
Always save your W as a defensive tool against Swain incase he lands his root on you. He has no mobility moves so it will be relatively easy to intercept him with W before he does too much damage. Report
If Swain uses his root on you, dodge it with your W(aimed at him) and engage on him. Report
Swains lack of durability early game makes him extremely easy pray for you to go aggressive on him and establish yourself a lead. Report
You need to be aggressive pre-6. Swain without his ult is no tougher than a normal mage so you can go for kills at level 2-5. It is vital you get a lead at this stage of the game else you will be in massive trouble later on. Report
Poke him with E to force him to use his ultimate to sustain. If he does this you have a window of opportunity(8 seconds) to engage on him while he has no ult to duel you. Report
Swain gets quite tanky as the game goes on, if you try combo him and he still has a chunk of health left, don't try finish him since he will be able to sustain it back up and will have no problem killing you if you can't escape. Report
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