How to beat Soraka
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becareful, if her ult is up as she may use it to bait you into a losing fight. even if you are not laning against her since it is a global heal Report
Your best bet is to focus her in matchups. In lane you can try to W the adc and put full focus on her. Might do well to use ignite too. If a teammate dives her and is close to her, you can try to ult them to take away her speed. W them also to avoid her E Report
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* Well if you have an Adc with you you'll win by using W + Q combo . When she uses silence , Kite it out and use combo then barrier adc , and Style on them for the win. Report
In lane poke and focus soraka, as she can heals allies but not herself, plus she has no mobility and she is squishy Report
Sometimes, its a smarter move to drop your target and shif focus to Soraka, since she have more ways to save allies than to save herself. Report
Be aware of Equinox, since its AoE silence and potential Snare can effectively work as good counter engage. Report
Soraka's game revolves around healing allies with W and the recovering her own life hitting Q on enemy champions. If she doesnt land her Q, she will be out of gas rather quickly. Report
Gnar's erratic mobility makes it very hard for Soraka to pin him down for a heal or snare and his passive stacks can take multiple heals to replenish. Report
Soraka need to stay near from his adc, you can use your E in the adc and after try to pock she and her adc with your Q Report
Stun her when she tries to heal her teammate Report


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