How to beat Soraka
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Always keep in mind that Soraka is able to cure all her allies in an instant. Don't get baited by this! Report
Soraka is usually really squishy, especially after she uses her burst healing on her allies. If possible, try to target her before she's able to heal anything Report
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Make sure you activate your W as this reduces all of soraka's healing. Also don't channel your ultimate when in close range of soraka because she can silence you to interrupt it. Report
When fighting soraka, you always want to try to make sure you apply grievous wounds through your E if possible. This is especially easy at 6 when you can lock her or her adc up with your ult. Report
While Soraka no longer shreds magic resist with her Q, you still want to avoid getting hit by it as it will give her more health to use on her teammates. Always be aware of where she's aiming. Report
Sometimes, its a smarter move to drop your target and shif focus to Soraka, since she have more ways to save allies than to save herself. Report
A simple pull on Soraka will get her out of lane or kill her very quickly making it easy to take down the enemy ADC Report
Equinox is the only thing standing between the Soraka lane and buttraep. Activate Shield of Daybreak and Eclipse early, stay clear of the silence zone, and start a unicorn farm. Report
Be aware of Equinox, since its AoE silence and potential Snare can effectively work as good counter engage. Report
Soraka's game revolves around healing allies with W and the recovering her own life hitting Q on enemy champions. If she doesnt land her Q, she will be out of gas rather quickly. Report


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