How to beat Sion with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Sion
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Riven just may be Sion's (The new Sion's) hardest counter in the top lane. You can quickly burst down his shield with your Q combo, and dash out of his knock-up and E with your own E, and even if you do not avoid you, you will still take reduced damage. Report
As you are fighting him, he will most likely charge his Q. While he is in the middle of charging, use your 3rd Q or W to negate his Q effects. If you continuously do this over and over, an easy kill awaits. Report
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When he dies, and goes on his berserk rampage from his passive, you have plenty of CC to hold him down and let his health drip away. He can barely land a hit on you, whether you choose to CC him with your Q and W, or dash away with your Q and E. Report


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