How to beat Singed
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Do not chase singed, as his poison will continuously reset against you. Report
Don't waste your time with trying to kill a Singed unless you're certain you're able to take him down. Report
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Always try to stay away from singed to avoid his use of fling. Report
A crafty Singed will urge his allies to run in his poison, making you indirectly chase him. Bear this in mind, and approach from an angle to avoid his poison's damage. Report
Kayle can kite singed very effectively with her Q. Don't walk up to singed to trade without your Q up. Report
Nidalee has a really easy time versus singed. Start dorans blade with AD runes and just auto him out of lane. Rush Blade of the Ruined King with some magic resist in chalice or negatron if you need it. Try not to let him flip you and kite with attack move Report
During singed ulti don't try to all-in fight him. Singed with ult is like 3x as strong as singed without ult. Just kite out the duration and destroy him after. Report
An intelligent Singed will play safe and stay out of your range until his jungler can gank and kill you. Keep your escapes on hand before level 6, after level 6 you should rig traps among where the jungler would come into gank. Report
He can't do anything to you if you're Mini. Try to bruise the wave before going Mega so you can clear it with Boulder Toss instead of melee autos. Don't chase him as Mega Gnar. Report
Riven's ability to win lane against Singed is entirely dependent on how Singed plays out his lane. If he plays aggressively, avoid open conflict until a clear advantage over him is present. If he plays passively, focus on maximizing gold farm. Report


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