How to beat Shen
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Do not underestimate Shen's early burst, very few people disrespect his early damage, he can pull out a 1/4 of your health w/ just 2 Q's and his passive aa. Also, don't forget Vorpal blade heals all who attack it so this makes Shen a great early duelis Report
Try to fight Shen in early levels and before he gets his sunfire. As soon as he gets sunfire, you can't fight him anymore, just don't try it. Report
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Buy Quicksilver Sash to take off his Taunt Report
Shen has among the better sustains in lane, only beaten by champions like Vladimir and Nunu etc. Trying to get kills on a good Shen is difficult, so instead push lane and roam to mid. He has low wave clear and his ult has long CD. Punish other lanes. Report
Shen is very good at farming passively with a frozen lane, but not good at pushing. If you keep lane constantly pushed to turret he can't ult anywhere. He will also lose CS to turret easily as his Q has slightly too long CD Report
You need to build a little bit of MR (Magic Resist) to counter his ''Q'' and his passive. Report


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