How to beat Shen
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Buy Quicksilver Sash to take off his Taunt Report
Not sure about this, but pretty sure Shen can just ult on the side-bar where his teammates appear Report
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Every time Shen taunts your adc, just swallow him and shield him. Easy laning phase for both you and your adc. Follow his ult with your ult. Your kit just counters him straight up Report
Long Sword 3 pot start, early sightstone and tiamat can get you really ahead in regards to the farm and the lane pressure. Early ganks and a kill or two means it's game because Lee scales much harder than Shen. Report
Shen has among the better sustains in lane, only beaten by champions like Vladimir and Nunu etc. Trying to get kills on a good Shen is difficult, so instead push lane and roam to mid. He has low wave clear and his ult has long CD. Punish other lanes. Report
Shen is very good at farming passively with a frozen lane, but not good at pushing. If you keep lane constantly pushed to turret he can't ult anywhere. He will also lose CS to turret easily as his Q has slightly too long CD Report
Using Cho will allow you to disable his ult, and will allow you to have early pressure. If you get Shen low enough, you can towerdive him because Cho is naturally tanky and can easily tank turret damage. Report
You need to build a little bit of MR (Magic Resist) to counter his ''Q'' and his passive. Report


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