How to beat Shen
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Constantly pressure; don't let him sustain with Vorpals. He can't 1v1 you, but you can't stop his ult, so take his tower if he ever leaves. Report
Shen cannot stop Nasus from farming without junglers help. However as Shen, you should use your ult for max global presence and thus try end the game before Nasus gets 600 stacks. Report
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when shen is using his ult, use your ult to stop him Report
Jayce outranges Shen Q. As long as you don't let him consistently taunt on top of you aggressively, then you should be able to outpoke and outpush Shen very easily early on. Report
Vlad's ranged harass and sustain is far superior to Shen's. Just don't get predictable and get taunted, and you'll have no problems. Report
The best time to engage on a Shen is when he misses you with his taunt. Punish him if he ever misses it with a full combo, but do it immediately or else he could turn it around quickly. (P.S. Never chase a Shen unless you KNOW you can kill him.) Report
Abuse your range advantage. Shadow Dash won't reduce the damage from Hyper's passive. Report
Vorpal Blade is slightly longer than Decimate. Use the brush to avoid Shen's poke, and Decimate as he tries to farm. Try not to Decimate his shield. If he starts his ult, break the channel with Apprehend. Report
Shen's damage is too low to pressure you. Ignore his Q harass and constantly shove the wave to his tower because he has trouble clearing. Do not let him land too many free autos from his passive onto you Report
It's usually more beneficial to use Ignite on Shen near the beginning of an all-in so he can't heal from him Vorpal Blade, rather than using it near the end to try and secure the kill. His shield will usually keep Ignite from actually killing him. Report


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