How to beat Ryze with Poppy Click here for How to beat Poppy with Ryze
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If you ever got killed by Ryze or didnt get a kill in lane prior to 6, never dual with him 1vs1 as Poppy will only get perma snared and die, call for help from either jungler, mid, or sup. Report
At level 6 ulti E, auto, Q combo inside tower will get his ult off. After the trade under the turret, have a moment for your CD to reset and take a kill. Report
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At Level 4, whether he is aligned with walls for Poppy's E or not, just hamming Him with E,auto,Q combo will win the trade. Take this into your advantage and Set up for a kill before level 6. Report
Level 1~5 is the only opportunity that Poppy gets in order to be ahead of Ryze. At level 1, be super aggro and pressure him to align him for Poppy's E, followed by multiple autoattacks. Then Poppy will have killing potential at Level 2. Report


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