How to beat Ryze
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Once you hit 3 wait for your W (Passive) + W (Active) + Q stun (Hopefully he would have used root to try to stop you getting closer) then e in and back out. You will win the trade. Report
With a potent stun and movement-blocking wall, Anivia facing down Ryze in mid lane should attempt fights if she bears a clear advantage in damage and should always force a turn if the allied jungler is nearby. Report
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Use your E to dodge his early Qs if you are having trouble. You can all in him at any point post 6, and earlier if you get a favorable minion wave or jungler help. Snowball before he becomes relevant, it's easy. Report
Zone Ryze away from the minions, you have a larger range than him, use that to your advantage. Ryze is easily kited by Orianna if he doesn't land his Runic Prison. Report
Ryze's low-range targeted spells are terrible against stationary pets that fight back and don't die in one hit. His lack of mobility is painful against Zyra's constant poke. Report
Malzahar outclears and outranges Ryze thanks to his abilities. When Ryze's passive shield has been used, perform your full combo on him after it dissappears. Report
Start with a crystalline flask and 3 pots to be safe. Take a point in Q, then E, then W, maxing each in the same order. You can out-trade him hard and your true damage hurts a ton early game, especially combined with an ignite. Report
Ryze can burst targets repeatedly and consistently in a n engagement. Build magic resistance, mana and health regeneration, and mana and focus on outlasting early game engagements. Report
Your passive helps you against AP casters. Ryze builds more mana than AP. Poke with Q as much as you can pre-6. Post-6 try make Ryze use his root on you BEFORE you ult to him. If he does root you go full combo beginning with your ult and you'll be fine Report
New 7.19 Azir will struggle with this matchup. You have to get substantially closer within range of Ryze's poke. His burst will take you out early game, so focus on CS and scale to late. Report


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