How to beat Ryze
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Have teleport. Let Ryze push lane if he wants to and farm under turret. Build spirit visage earl and without magic pen Ryze damage will be garbage compared to your life steal. Report
Ryze has go into the range of your abilites in order to land his. Use this to your advantage. Report
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Xerath massively outranges Ryze. Try poking him down with your Arcanopulse, and stun him with Shocking Orb into Eye of Destruction when he tries to get closer. Report
One more thing, Fiora even have slight sustain with her passive - and when u fighting champions - it stacks to 4 times. Ryze don't have any sustain until 6 lvl. Against Ryze you must just play aggresively and you will win. Just calculate it Report
Orianna has significant range over Ryze but mostly she isn't bothered by rune prison because she ultizes the ball and can distance herself from Ryze with a proper fling. Report
The exceptional range of Bouncing Bomb should be abused as much as possible and especially so anytime Ryze is left without creep waves for protection. Report
This will be a sticky lane. Let the purple man freeze or push to your turret then ask for a gank. Ryze's squishy early game will be very vulnerable to the wither-then-gank strategy. Report
You both fight at a close range for mages, early on however your damage is miles ahead of his so you shouldn't fear to engage on him whenever you land a poison. Report
When fighting Ryze, stay away from minions. His Spell Flux will bounce and can potentially deal way more damage than his Q and W combined with the added effect of shredding your MR. Report
With long aa range you can harass Ryze at lvl1. Once Q-E combo is up at lvl2 you can move closer to Ryze. If he tries to trade with you, you can easily land a double Q (let it pass through for damage then detonate for damage again) and E and outtrade him. Report


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