How to beat Ryze
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Ryze has very short range skills so you just can deny all his farming with an easy Yellow card and Q combo Report
Hard lane,1st kill snowballs.Try to shut Ryze down at level 6 as if he gains so much as one level on you,you lose. first item Flask(you need sustain)-Spectre's Cowl/Sheen.Ryze just has to play passive till he gets a catalyst,then he will poke you to deat Report
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You have to play really agressivelly vs ryze very early. Start with lognsword+3pots, level Q first. Ryze will outfarm you and zone you, unless you HARD ENGAGE him very early and keep doing it. Start trading at lv1, go for a kill after 1/2 trades. Report
Get Chalice, max Eye of Destruction and nuke him when he tries to last-hit. Xerath waveclears at range and never allows Ryze to engage. Report
Ryze is very weak against long ranged ap mages. Keep your distance, and if Ryze ever wants to start walking towards you, you can combo him with Q+E (autos between) and chunk him, and shield his damage. Report
As Ryze is a short ranged fighter, Cassiopeias ult is very strong to beat him in 1v1 with when he faces you Report
After Tear, rush Spirit Visage - EVERYTHING you need against Ryze: MR, CDR, and the healing boost to your E. Report
You have gap closer, so you can get close to Ryze and deal damage in melee range. Use it wisely, 'cause he can snare you. Report
When you see Ryze having 4 stacks of Arcane Mastery, try to get out of his range. You don't want him to get 5 stacks and 1v1 you. Report
Ryze has a lot of item choices around armor, but is slightly limited when it comes to MR... Pick a magic damager against him and he'll have to sacrifice some damage. Report


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