How to beat Ryze
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Ryze's Spell Flux is can bounce off him as well. Keep that in mind if you are a melee champion and are dueling him Report
Leblanc is the best counter to Ryze because of her burst, snare and silence. You can burst ryze with your spell kit, it is easy to gank ryze if you land your chain. Make sure to Q W and E , if you land all these with a gank , Ryze is guaranteed to die. Report
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Early game, ryze's W and E have a 14+ sec cooldown. If you are a champion with a gap closer, make sure to capitalize on this Report
Ryze has a limited range of where he can cast his abilities. Champions that can outrange his short casting range have a high advantage towards him. (Cassiopeia, Xerath, etc.) Report
At level 3, you'll easily burn a summoner or end up with first blood. Start with your dashed shield and play defensively by blocking his Overloads until you hit your power spike. Report
We all know that Chinese people eat rice. Ryze is just a genetically modified rice. Report
As Irelia, start Flask and Pots. Avoid poke. Farm under Turrent. As of lvl 6 start engaging with Q, stun him, AA him, back off. Use ulti to poke and push (its has low cd) Report
oh you snare me? that's cute, i will just e+q on your ass. Report
Because of the silence removal Ryze can now snare LeBlanc and prevent her from Distorting back. Be really carefull when using it around him. Report
Dash to him and Q and immidiately use your clone, he will most likely use runic prison on the clone and you can have your way with him Report
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