How to beat Rumble
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Quickly get out of Rumble's ultimate AOE zone as it deals massive damage per second. Report
Watch Rumble's heat bar - he will be silenced if it becomes full. Take advantage of this as he'll only be able to auto attack during this time. Report
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Building Magic Resist will fair well against a Rumble because he only deals AP damage. Report
Don't underrestimate an Overheated Rumble early, because his auto-attacks still do high Dmg Report
Try to dodge the skillshots from Rumble and when he uses his ultimate get out of the area dmg or else Rumble will have a huge advantage versus Riven!! Report
Xin Zhao's burst and knock-up seriously disrupt Rumble's casting rythym. Engage often at early levels to force early recalls and prevent gold farming. Report
If Rumble runs from ghouls he deals no damage with Flamespitter. If Yorick takes Teleport, Rumble will be forced out of lane by Yorick's infinite sustain and harass. Report
when rumble goes to last hit creeps, stun combo, he'll have to run making flamespitter useless and he cant outrun riven anyways. easy lane. Report
play agressive with Q and pull whenever possible. Try not to push the lane, and keep river warded. rumble might be easy to solo but his ult does work when a jungler comes to gank for him. Report
When rumble uses his ultimate it has cast time; as a former rumble player they time is enough to use a burst champ to kill him. If not make sure you have some kind of gap closer or good reaction time to try your best to not get stuck in it, btw it slows. Report


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