How to beat Riven with Zed Click here for How to beat Zed with Riven
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This is a skill matchup. If you can juke either her stun, her 3rd Q or her ultimate, you can win the trade. If not, you probably lose. Using ulti when she still has her stun ready is a deathwish, since it places you right next to her. Report
Win early trades and dodge her Ki Burst or third Q with your ultimate or shadow and avoid as much damage as possible. Try your best to dodge her Wind Slash. Keep your distance during laning. Report
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Poke Riven with your Q, DONT USE your W for offensive, use it to get away of Riven. If she tries to hit you, just teleport with W and use E. Save your R for her ultimate. Try to farm as much as possible. Report
Keep your distance from her, and you will win any and all trades. After she uses her W, that's the green light to Ult+Combo. Report


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