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Ask for a laneswitch. Report
Don't be a fool, trying to 1v1 Riven its just a bad idea and once she hits level 6 it just gets worse, Yasuo can easily farm in turret so let her push and do that (use W to block caster's damage to turret), ask for ganks. Report
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You can use the third cast of 'Steel Tempest' to cancel Riven's third cast of 'Broken Wings'. Try laning passively until you can acquire your core items, including some armor. Report
Try poking her, and attacking while her q is on cd, bevare of good riven players because they will make breaks of 2 sec. between their 3 q's. Avoid her stunn, and wait for her shield tog o on cd if used Report
If Riven uses her abilities to farm, poke her. You will force her back with good use of your passive, E and Q, especially if you have stattik shiv. However, if she farms only with aa and saves her abilities for you, don't approach her and ask for ganks. Report
Try to poke her down if she uses her skills to CS. Anticipate her combo, once she is about to use her 3rd Q on you E on her to move behind her and screw up her combo Report
Levels 1 through 3 punish her with your q when she is going for a cs. Level 6 is when you need to be wary. Most riven players will try to all in you and in that case its all about how you use your e and your w. Until you get your PD and Tabi farm safely. Report


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