How to beat Riven with Trundle Click here for How to beat Trundle with Riven
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She will be stronger then u early. Specially level 2 and 3 so watch out so she don't kill u. Later in game level 6-7+ u will take her 1 vs 1 easy if u build hp and armor and if she not really feed. Report
And try to be smart with your E, she have many gap closers and can get out of it pretty easy. Report
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Just wait lv 2 or 3 then when she use the stun use your E blocking riven obv W then broke your Q on her and start wit doran shield and armor first item. Report
You will outdamage her, even if you buy armor to counter her damage. If she uses her combo on you just put up the pillar, then your W and chase her constantly basic attacking and using your Q. Report


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