How to beat Riven with Singed Click here for How to beat Singed with Riven
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the most annoying about riven is her third broken wing strike counter it by flinging her back while she is casting it so you can cancel the knockback Report
Learning her cds (~10 sec each)lets you know when to trade. If she uses all her spells in one rotation, then you have ~10sec where you outdamage her. If shes more consevative with her spell usage, then this means safer farming for you. Report
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As soon as you suspect she is going to jump at you, just throw your slow on you and run away, even with her q she wont catch if she is within your slow. Report
Juke her q's (It's possible!) by running in one direction, and as soon as you see her ready to use her 3rd q change direction and run the opposite way, she will jump over you. (only possible if you have boots and your ult) Report


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