How to beat Riven with Shen Click here for How to beat Shen with Riven
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As of patch 6.2 (Shen rework), Shen is an optimal counter. Your W negates Riven's passive. Combo (E+Q+W) Riven whenever she goes ham on you. Let Riven engage first in trades and disrupt her combo. Never go too ham. Win lane by out-sustaining. Report
Start with cloth armor + 5 health pots. Try to poke with your Q. If she comes near your minions, try to taunt her with your E. This way she takes a lot of damage from your minions. Report
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Q outranges and prock does a lot of damage, easy zoning early and early armor is always op vs Riven. Report
You will win this fight as long as you just harass and don't go too ham, if she catches you w/ her q and stun, you're dead. Most Riven's will block Q w/ their E, set up a gank and waste her E w/ your Q, then engage. Otherwise, E through her Q. Report
Start cloth armor and 5 potions. Rush sunfire cape. If she jumps over you, taunt her and use W to soak her burst, Q her and autoattack her, she doesn't have sustained damage and you heal yourself. Report


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