How to beat Riven with Renekton Click here for How to beat Renekton with Riven
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Renekton is very strong early game so you must abuse that. Get W at lvl 2 so when Riven tries to use her 3rd Q (the one that stuns you) you quickly stun her, use your Q for extra dmg and then either walk away or E if your lvl 3 or above. Report
Abuse her early. Spam Q and she'll already be chunked at level 1. If you E in>W>Q>E out at level 3, she'll already get chunked to 1/3 health. Your ult counters hers in a way, so if she tries to lv6 all in you can punish or kill her for it. Report
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Riven gets more damage for her abilities after using her ultimate, but renekton doesn't need ultimate to boost damage, as he uses fury (which is easier to build up) to empower abilities. That makes him stronger at short trades. Report


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