How to beat Riven with Olaf Click here for How to beat Olaf with Riven
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If olaf ult then riven won't stun him with last q or w so he will be powerfull Report
Step 1: Pick Olaf. Step 2: Take tanky masteries, flat AD runes, Flash and Exhaust. Step 3: get 2x Doran's Blade, Sunfire cape and rek her. She can't trade you except for lv1. Start with e, then w, max e. If she tries to trade you use e when her e is dow Report
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Try to poke her with your Q so she has to go back to base. If Riven comes to last hit, use your Q to slow her and then your E to do dmg. Report
If you bait her E you can go to town on her: you can land a Q and melt her squishy frame with true dmg. If she tries to all-in at level 6, just activate your ult, she won't be able to combo because her Q and W are useless. Report


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