How to beat Riven with Kennen Click here for How to beat Kennen with Riven
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This may seem a lot easier than it actually is. Riven has a major gap closer, so keep your distance and try to bring out the damage from there. When you've poked her to low health, smash the R key and ignite her. Report
At level 2 you can stun her for harass. AA 4 minions to get W passive, AA Riven, shuriken and W for stun. Harass early to discourage her from engaging you. At half health, she's as good as dead with stun + ult + ignite. Get Seeker's Armguard early. Report
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You can stun her inside your ult if you hit her with your shuriken, or W passive AA. Use the W active to get the second stack, use E as a gap closer and ult. The first ult strike will stun her inside your ult. Report


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