How to beat Riven with Jax Click here for How to beat Jax with Riven
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Take e at level 1. At level 3 you can start poking her with w+q. If she stuns you, use your e to escape more damage or win the fight if she continues. Try to stay away from her while your e is on cooldown. Farm and win lategame. Report
Push her so she uses her combo with stun to waveclear. When she comes out from tower, e+q+w her (ult optionally) so she falls behind and can't spoil your farming on lane. Be cautious when your E is on cooldown. Report
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Riven needs to weave in AA's during trades, meaning they last longer. If you have E, you'll win every trade since Jax excels at long trades. But remember your E is on a much longer CD than her abilities; DONT let her bait it out, or you'll lose trades. Report


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