How to beat Riven with Gnar Click here for How to beat Gnar with Riven
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Save your Q until she's close enough to E,Q,W you and hit her with it when she tries to approach you with her E. You may not deal damage to her but she won't be able to reach you for her full combo. Report
When she charges up her q's be aware of a flash q on you assume you have low rage, outside of that you should be pretty safe keeping her at your max range. You outscale her, just be aware that if you get behind this will become a hard lane. Report
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If you are inexperienced in this matchup take cloth and 5 pots and try to get a giants belt on first back. Take a point in e at level 2 if you are at equal health or scared of a gank or all in as rivens level 2 is strong. Report
If you proc your third w while her e shield is down you should win trades and your mega gnar all in is stronger than hers. She is melee and if you use your e correctly she cant reach you with just 1 combo, you can still kite her even though she is mobile. Report
Be sure to land a few auto attacks on her if you see her trying to approach you. You will trigger your W to get out if she outtrades you or deal more damage and kill her if you are tanky enough. Report
Be wary of her going all in and build tanky so that she can't burst you. With your auto attacks W passive you will kill her before she can kill you. Report


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