How to beat Riven with Fiora Click here for How to beat Fiora with Riven
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If you are the Riven go all in at level 3 and try to take the first blood, If you are the Fiora try to get fortitude elixir to go all in too or just sustain till level 6. Report
Max your Q and bait her dash, use Q-AA-Q-AA for your passive; you win every trade this way. Max E second and her mobility means nothing. Throw a point into W at lv 2. Her attack speed is slow early but her damage is big so blocking a hit is huge in trades Report
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REWORK: If you ulted her while she is stunned that's an easy 4 vitals to pop with your E slow and mobility from the ult's movement boost and Q. Popping all 4 vitals also restores a lot of health so it becomes harder for Riven to execute you with her ult Report
REWORK: This is a skill matchup. Bait out her stun and Parry her third Q to win the trade. Report
REWORK: After lv6, try to keep your W available to soak up her R finisher. Report
REWORK: Fiora's even more of a counter to Riven now. Use your W against her Q string or W to stun her, then go in to pop a vital. Q in to pop another one when it comes up, retreat and repeat. Report
This is an easy matchup for fiora, if she q's the minion wave or engages onto you at level 1 you should get your Q and fight her. You can easily win a level 1 first against her going Q-A-Q-A. Wait to use your lunge post-3 for after she uses her W/E. Report


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